Evolution & Transition 6 months program

The six month program offers you the ability to accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exiting. Imagine a caterpillar transforming it self into a butterfly and getting ready to fly.

The only thing certain is that gracefully transitioning through the life cycles requires courage and trust. Empower yourself. Have trust in who you are.

What you get :

  • 50 minutes session where we meet every other week to break free from the general feeling of overwhelm and ultimately experience freedom form constantly thinking about your burdens and get in alignment with you new healthy habits.
  • Make small habit changes while establishing balance without deprivation
  • Healthy and nutritious recipes
  • Hands out specific to your need and new goals
  • Non-invasive food sensitivity, allergy & intolerance Test including: 700+ food and environmental items tested, 50 Nutritional deficiency items tested, 24 metals toxicity tested.

Price: $1199

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