Ultra Cavitation is suitable for those who want to get rid of stubborn fat accumulation non-surgically in the areas such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks and arms without any downtime. With Ultra Cavitation, the trapped fat is emulsified, converted into liquid and then naturally expelled from the body in the urine. Ultra Cavitation is also recommended by plastic surgeons as post surgery maintenance to avoid water retention, fibrosis and swelling.

The main benefits of Ultrasonic fat cavitation are:

  • Volume reduction of tissues (fat blasting).
  • Body shaping and contouring.
  • Skin tightening and toning.
  • Cellulite reduction.


  • Treatments are 40 minutes long.
  • Ultra Cavitation appointments consist of treatment time, followed by 10 minutes of work out on a whole body vibration platform designed to increase lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction, increased circulation, enhanced muscle and bone building and more.
  • You will feel a slight prickly warmth on the treatment area and may hear the specific noise of the Ultrasound machine in your ears, but clients do not usually find this uncomfortable. You can return to work or normal activities straight after treatment.

Before & Aftercare Advice

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water before your treatment and another 2 liters in the day after your treatment (soda, juice or tea is not water).
  • You should not eat 2 hours before and 1 hour after treatment.
  • Do not drink ANY alcohol or caffeine in the day of treatment or 48 hours after.
  • Do not shower straight after treatment.
  • Diet: Follow a low-fat, low sugar diet for best results.
  • Exercise: Do brisk exercise for at least 20 minutes after your treatment to stimulate lymph movement.
  • Although your treatment is completely painless, you will hear a pitched hum or ringing in your ears. This is completely normal/safe, and should be expected. If you feel that is causing discomfort then please let your therapist know and she will adjust the frequency for you.


  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Heart Problems or Pacemaker
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Damage or Problems
  • Liver Damage or Problems
  • Acute Inflammatory Processes
  • Hemorrhagic Disease, Trauma or Bleeding
  • Medical Plastic Parts or Parts With Metal Inside
  • Abnormal Immune System
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